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So now that it’s fall, it’s pretty clear I’m never delivering on my promise for a second summer mix. But I did make you another mix CD. It’s just not summer music.

If you’ve had to live with me, work with me in the mornings, work with me late at night or sat really close to me on the bus when I’ve had headphones on in the past five or so years, you’ve probably been subjected to Françoise Hardy. Particularly this totally context-free compilation CD.

I’m sorry if I’ve put this on every mix CD I ever gave you. Because I might have.

To give some context: Françoise Hardy was a member of the yé-yé girl scene, a sort of ’60s French pop that really, really appealed to my Belle-and-Sebastian-loving, “69 Love Songs”-on-repeat, 18-year-old soul. This was also probably somewhat related to my fixation with French technicolor musicals and American girl groups. And then I became weirdly obsessed with that Hardy album, lost like two-thirds of my music in the Great Hard Drive Crash of ’09 and forgot about yé-yé as a genre outside of Hardy.

So I would like to thank The Hairpin for reminding me. Thank you thank you thank you.

My computer just had a seizure as I downloaded music from 400 different places at once.

I may not speak French, but, hand to God, this genre was meant for me. Moreover, I might flip a table if I’m somehow squeezed into another manic pixie dream girl-shaped hole, so pardon my French when I say, these songs will change your life. Or at least mine.

The mix is not just yé-yé, but it’s inspired by it.

Click on the picture of Françoise being a BAMF to download.

1. “Submarine” – Grass Widow
2. “Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles” – Françoise Hardy
3. “L’adorable Femme des Neiges” – Christine Haume
4. “Is This What I Get For Loving You” – The Ronettes
5. “Je Pense a Lui” – Françoise Hardy
6. “La Moustache a Papa” – Anna Bell
7. “Don’t Hurt My Sister” – The Beach Boys
8. “Un Tours Dehours” – Sylvie-Anne
9. “Mother’s Little Helper” – Rolling Stones
10. “Kodachrome” – Paul Simon
11. “C’ Est Le Passe” – Françoise Hardy
12. “Les Mains Dans Les Poches” – Les Roche Martin
13. “Let Me Go Home” – Camera Obscura
14. “Tu Te Moques de Moi (I Don’t Wanna Leave You)” – Ria Bartok
15. “He Cried” – The Shangri-Las
16. “Les Trois Couleurs de L’amour” – Alice Dona
17. “Why Don’t You Say” – Summer Camp


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